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Configuration for the Atomic Archive

Atomic Archives

  • [atomic] - Stable free access rpm channel
  • [atomic-testing] - Near production quality packages currently in QA
  • [atomic-nucleus] - Stable subscription-required rpm channel for legacy packages
  • [asl-5.0] - Stable subscription-required rpm channel for AtomicWP Workload Protection (formally known as Atomic Securd Linux)
  • [asl-5.0-testing] - Subscription required, near production quality ASL packackes currently in QA
  • [ossec] - Stable OSSEC releases
  • [source] - Source RPM packages

Configuration & Installation

Please see the Atomicorp Wiki ( for instructions.

Atomicorp Products

Atomic Enterprise OSSEC ( provides a commercially enhanced and supported version of the OSSEC intrustion detection system.

AtomicWP ( provides comprehensive security and compliance for servers and cloud workloads.

Atomicorp Archives

The Atomicorp archives are available through the package managers for Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL and CentOS. Note: Not all mirrors will maintain all channels listed above.

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